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23 September 2013
Federal Contracting
2013 has been very active for Link Resources in spite of the tail end of a recession and sequester. From receiving a 5 year contract from the Department of Energy for Independent Engineer services to plant decommissioning opportunities with TVA, to expanding our nuclear credentials with new staff members, Link's broad base of energy credentials continues to fuel our growth.
Link Resources, Inc. is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) with deep roots and broad credentials in the energy arena, from senior executive consulting to hands-on execution. From nuclear to fossil to renewables we have helped clients navigate and perform through the energy plant life-cycle - - from technology assessment to development through financing, EPC, scale-up, commissioning, O&M and D&D.
The Department of Energy awarded a 5-year contract to Link Resources to provide Independent Engineering services to four Integrated Biorefinery (IBR) pilot plants. Link's contract is to provide ongoing due diligence, risk assessment, project and economic analyses on the four IBR pilot plants. The IBR technologies transform either cellulosic or algae feedstock into military grade fuels, and they are striving to prove their technologies by successfully constructing, commissioning, and operating a pilot plant over five years to prove their technological concept.
These 4 Integrated Biorefinery Pilot Plant Projects include...
Frontline Bioenergy LLCM (Ames, Iowa): Building on prior commercial - scale gasification success, Frontline BioEnergy, along with its project partners SGC Energia, Stanley Consultants, and Delphi Engineering and Construction LLC, will build and integrate an innovative new pilot scale Tar Free Gas'" reactor and new gas conditioning processes with an existing Fischer Tropsch (FT) unit capable of producing 1 barrel per day of FT liquids from woody biomass, municipal solid waste, and refuse derived fuel at the Iowa Energy Center's Biomass Energy Conversion Facility in Nevada, Iowa. These liquids will be upgraded to produce samples of biofuels that meet military specifications.
Cobalt Technologies (Mountain View, California): Cobalt Technologies will operate a pilot-scale integrated biorefinery to convert switchgrass to bio-jet fuel. Together with its partners, including the Naval Air Warfare China Lake Weapons Division, Show Me Energy Cooperative, and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Cobalt intends to build a pilot-scale facility to purify and convert butanol to jet fuel. Cobalt will operate the integrated pilot-scale biorefinery to evaluate scalability of the process and assess the facility's greenhouse gas emissions.
Mercurius Biorefining, Inc. (Ferndale, Washington): For its project, Mercurius will build and operate a pilot plant that uses an innovative process that converts the cellulosic biomass into non-sugar intermediates, which are further processed into drop-in bio-jet fuel and chemicals. Several organizations are participating in this consortium led by Mercurius Biorefining, including Purdue University and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.
Bio Process Algae (Shenandoah, Iowa): The Bio Process Algae project will evaluate an innovative algal growth platform that will produce hydrocarbon fuels meeting military specifications using renewable carbon dioxide, lignocellulosic sugars, and waste heat. The proposed biorefinery will integrate low-cost autotrophic algal production, accelerated lipid production, and lipid conversion. While the primary product from the proposed biorefinery will be military fuels, the facility will also co-produce additional products, including other hydrocarbons, glycerine, and animal feed.
Attached is our Corporate Capability Statement. More detail is also available on our website and we can certainly elaborate and discuss any relevant specifics.
Link asks that you review the attached material and our website and consider potential arrangements for working as a Prime or Sub on any Federal contract in the energy arena. (Fossil, Nuclear, BioEnergy)
We look forward to hearing from you.

The following solicitations represent projects that Link Resources has either already responded to or is in the process of responding to. They all involve Energy related services, and are set-asides or likely set-asides for small business or SDVOSB; thus Link is bidding as a Prime. In some cases we may already have potential subcontractors identified, but in general we are interested in hearing from you if you have an interest.
Proposals (Preparing for Submittal)
  • USTDA Definitional Mission: East Africa Renewable Energy RFP-CO201311299
  • USTDA Definitional Mission (DM): For South Africa - Renewable Energy Project RFP-CO201311293
  • USTDA: Chile - Puerto Natales 5 MW Biomass Energy Plant Feasibility Study 2013-51024A
  • USTDA: Definitional Mission: For Mexico -  Resources Guide for U.S. Industry on priority infrastructure projects DM RFQ-CO201351297
  • US Navy: Energy System Technology Evaluation Program (ESTEP) N66001-13-X-3008
  • US Navy: Analysis of Energy Efforts for DASN Energy N0018913RZ092
  • US Army: Energy Management Services W91WFU13T0014
  • OPIC: Renewable Energy Transaction Services OPIC-13-R-0031
  • DOE: Management and Operating Contractor for the Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) DE-SOL-0006266
Proposals (Submitted)
  • LINK has teamed with a large prime contractor in a proposal to provide nuclear consulting services to the Tennessee Valley Authority
  • LINK is bidding as a key subcontractor to prime contractor in a proposal to provide fossil decommissioning services to the Tennessee Valley Authority
  • LINK is bidding as a subcontractor to a large prime contractor to provide energy services to the Naval Facilities Command (NAVFAC)- Professional services to assist and maintenance the Navy's electric and mechanical systems under NAVFAC Atlantic located worldwide.N62470-13-R-6002
  • LINK is bidding as a subcontractor to a large prime contractor to provide energy services to Multiple Navy Commands -  Perform Task Order Services categorized into 22 functional services areas N00178-13-R-4000
Sources Sought, Requests for Information, Pre-Qualifications, and Solicitations
  • Investment advisement regarding swine waste to electricity projects
  • Sandia National Lab: Small Modular Reactor Consulting
  • Savannah River Nuclear Services: Commercial Nuclear Consulting
  • Energy consulting services to a large prime contractor bidding for the US Agency for International Development's (USAID) Power Africa initiative
  • Development of electricity generation projects in Mexico
Future RFPs of interest
  • DOE's National Energy Testing Laboratory: Mission Execution DE-SOL-0005388
  • DOE's National Energy Testing Laboratory: Strategic Energy DE-SOL-0005386
  • Technical Development Support Services to  DOE's Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy (EERE) DE-SOL-0005186
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